Fast-paced tour through Lausanne

I came across this today and immediately knew I had to share it. If you are not familiar with Lausanne, the fun hipster capital of French-speaking Switzerland, I encourage you to take a couple minutes and watch this exceptionally cool video by Sylvain Botter. Botter, a visual artist based in Lausanne, has created a fantastic way to tour the city from the comfort of your home. Give it a watch, I promise you won’t regret it!

What did you think?

Photo credit: Fotolia

Author: Jennifer Hart

Traveller. Wife. Mother. Bilingual. Hiker. Shopper. Skier. Snowboarder. Soccer midfielder. Marathoner. Canadian. Wine lover. Mama also to a crazy labrador retriever. My running keeps me grounded. My writing keeps me sane. My kids and husband keep me loved. These are our stories, love them or leave them. We may not have a permanent home but we have each other.

3 thoughts on “Fast-paced tour through Lausanne”

  1. Amazing video! I must admit I’m not a fan of Lausanne, I’ve been living here for 4 years and it never really felt like home – but it’s a cool city for sure 😉 Thanks for sharing.


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