Once Upon An Expat…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

…and that is how the story starts!! I am back from vacation now and SO EXCITED to announce I am officially a contributing author in the forthcoming anthology entitled “Once Upon An Expat.”  Edited and organised by the fabulous Lisa Webb of Canadian Expat Mom, this anthology promises to deliver heart-warming, funny and realistic portrayals of the lives of regular expat women around the world, like me.

Did I mention how excited I am?????

For now all I can say is that the book will be available in June 2016 through Amazon. I will update as soon as possible with information and feel free to check out Canadian Expat Mom’s Facebook page for updates.


Author: Jennifer Hart

Traveller. Wife. Mother. Bilingual. Hiker. Shopper. Skier. Snowboarder. Soccer midfielder. Marathoner. Canadian. Wine lover. Mama also to a crazy labrador retriever. My running keeps me grounded. My writing keeps me sane. My kids and husband keep me loved. These are our stories, love them or leave them. We may not have a permanent home but we have each other.

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