Bang Bang There Went My Head!

It’s been quieter than normal around these parts but I wanted to take a quick moment to explain. In February, I was involved in an accident that caused a moderate concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)  and have been recovering ever since. I was not allowed to go near screens such as a mobile phone, tv, iPad or laptop for quite some time. I’m getting better at this and my headaches have disappeared for the most part. It’s still a struggle to concentrate on reading, which frustrates me to no end.

However, hang in there with me and I promise to be back soon. I have a few awesome submissions for Friday Featurette that are being worked through. Everything should be back to normal in the next week or so!

Thanks for not quitting on me yet!


Author: Jennifer Hart

Traveller. Wife. Mother. Bilingual. Hiker. Shopper. Skier. Snowboarder. Soccer midfielder. Marathoner. Canadian. Wine lover. Mama also to a crazy labrador retriever. My running keeps me grounded. My writing keeps me sane. My kids and husband keep me loved. These are our stories, love them or leave them. We may not have a permanent home but we have each other.

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